Rehab Vacation Program


The NeuroGym® Rehab Vacation Program is an intensive program for out-of-town clients.


NeuroGym® Physiotherapy

Often, individuals from outside the Ottawa region (e.g. other areas of the province, country or from the USA or Europe) wish to attend NeuroGym® for consultation, short-term or periodic, intensive treatment and for advice on appropriate rehabilitation and exercise programs that can be continued at home. As a result, we often arrange for intensive 2-4 week physical re-training programs that can be booked on a one-time or several times per year basis.

We provide:
  • Consultation
  • Short term, intensive therapy
  • Advice and provision of home rehab/exercise programs
What’s the advantage of Rehab Vacation?
  • Benefit from NeuroGym’s advanced rehab approach and our years of experience treating movement disorders associated with neurologic injuries/conditions
  • Benefit from concentrated, intensive therapy
  • Take advantage of our association with a neurologist-directed rTMS treatment to enhance recovery


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