We focus on improving motor impairments associated with neurologic injuries and conditions.

The severity of symptoms that we treat varies from very mild to extremely severe. If you have a question about if/how your symptoms can be addressed with our therapy, please don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.

Conditions We Treat

The following are some of the conditions that we have experience treating at NeuroGym.
We’ve highlighted a few points about our treatment approach for each.

  • Motor skills can be re-learned, even years post-acute.
  • Brain plasticity can be enhanced by enabling active practice.
  • NeuroGym has patented mobility training equipment and powerful biofeedback systems to allow even those who are severely affected to retrain motor skills.
  • NeuroGym uses our powerful multi-sensor biofeedback system to enable reacquisition of motor control in those muscles that may be only partially affected by injury.
  • Our graduated body-weight support system, the Bungee Mobility Trainer, makes gait re-training practical and safe.
  • Optimal recovery requires intensive practice and the re-development of many underlying abilities.
  • NeuroGym has been treating motor impairments associated with Stroke for 20 years and we have developed several enabling technologies to enhance the recovery process.
  • The symptoms of MS vary greatly from person to person, and NeuroGym has been providing treatment for individuals with this condition for 20 years.
  • Our experience allows us to determine the most effective therapy program for each individual so that motor skills, strength and mobility are optimally maintained.
  • It is now widely recognized that exercise and mobility training programs can be very beneficial in alleviating many of the symptoms of this disease.
  • NeuroGym has been providing therapy and exercise interventions for Parkinson’s for many years. We have the equipment and skills to provide effective treatment programs.
  • Therapy for children and adults was historically quite passive in nature.  At NeuroGym, the motor deficits associated with this condition are treated much more actively.
  • We provide effective strength, flexibility and motor re-training to maximize functional abilities.
  • Regaining strength, flexibility and mobility is effectively carried out at NeuroGym through graduated exercises using our wide range of specialized strength and mobility training equipment.
  • At NeuroGym, we have a physiotherapist who is specifically trained in treating conditions involving unilateral or bilateral peripheral vestibular dysfunction s well as central vestibulopathies caused by stroke or post head trauma.
  • NeuroGym uses our patented biofeedback system to train and strengthen antagonist muscles (weakened muscles that oppose the dystonia).
  • NeuroGym’s patented biofeedback system is like no other – we can help you retrain weak neck muscles and learn to target and relax spastic muscles.
  • We can also provide training on our specialized head and neck machine.
  • Re-training weak/paretic facial muscles is most effectively done using muscle (EMG) sensors as part of a patented biofeedback system.
  • Our unique software allows training of extremely weakened muscles and does so in a speed-sensitive and engaging way so that training is not only effective, it’s enjoyable!
  • Our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists have experience treating Myositis (Dermatomyositis & Polymyositis) and will develop an individualized exercise program to help you minimize disability and maximize function.
  • An effective exercise/therapy program that target balance and gait issues and any underlying strength deficits will help you manage the symptoms of PSP.
  • An individual’s functional goals such as fall prevention are a focus of the treatment at NeuroGym Rehab.
  • Our Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists are experienced in the treatment of MSA and will develop an individualized exercise program to meet your therapeutic goals.
  • Reducing the severity of symptoms and building strength, mobility and balance skills will help improve functional abilities and reduce the risk of falls.
  • Strengthening exercises at NeuroGym Rehab are possible for all severities of peripheral neuropathy.  For extremely weakened and dysfunctional muscles, we begin a gradual strengthening program using our muscle (EMG) biofeedback system.
  • We have a broad range of strength training equipment that enables specific functional exercises and our Occupational Therapists are experienced at providing practical goal-directed activities to improve everyday living skills.
  • Our advanced biofeedback system is extremely effective in improving restricted range and reduced control and coordination associated with various joint injuries.
  • We have had good success improving back issues that remained un-resolved with conventional physiotherapy.
  • Orthopaedic movement restrictions like Frozen Shoulder are typically responsive to our dynamic approach and intensive biofeedback regimen.


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