Our Team

We take pride in the extensive training, theoretical knowledge, and exceptionally high standard of care upheld by our clinical team.

Guided by the NeuroGym® methodology, techniques and patented tools developed by our Founder Avi Nativ PhD PT, our therapists are uniquely equipped to enable motor recovery and ensure active, effective strength training. We treat individuals of all ages and can provide services in English, French, & Hebrew.

Avi Nativ, PhD

Owner, Founder

Janet Nativ, MSc

Business Manager, Owner

Eric Heiden, MSc R.Kin

Director, NeuroGym FIT

Tiffany Tremblay, MScPT

Director of Physiotherapy

Zach Noyes, BSc HK R.Kin

Director, Group Programs

Carly Bassett, BSc OT

Occupational Therapist

Hen Hochman, MScPT


Aneesh Sabu, MScPT

PT Resident

Angela Dybala, PTA

Physiotherapy Assistant

Chris Pfeiffer, BSc HK

Physiotherapy Assistant

Stéphane Fournier,

Physiotherapy Assistant

Jenna Maclaren, BAH

Clinic Administrative Assistant, Physiotherapy Assistant

Interested in Joining our Team?

At NeuroGym®, we’re proud to employ an exceptional team of clinicians. If you’re interested in joining our team, you can explore our current career opportunities.