Common Therapeutic Goals

NeuroGym® has the equipment, methodology and expertise to enable movement when it would otherwise be impossible or unsafe to do so. Here is how we tackle some common therapeutic goals differently than many conventional centres.


Improving Bed Mobility and Transfers

Bed mobility requires:
  • Adequate trunk strength
  • Improving transfers requires sufficient limb strength and stability
  • At NeuroGym, tools such as the ‘Exercise Wheelchair’ and ‘Pendulum Stepper’ can effectively improve strength and control of core muscles as well as the four limbs, leading to improved maneuverability in bed.

Initiating Sit-to-Stand

Standing requires:
  • Adequate strength & mobility at the hips, knees and ankles
  • An active command from the brain to initiate the movement
  • At NeuroGym we have the equipment and expertise to ensure effective strength training. More importantly, we have a patented, custom-designed machine, the ‘Sit-to-Stand Trainer’ designed by our Founder to actively enable the sit-to-stand motion. Passive standing machines do not allow active training. At NeuroGym, you can repeatedly practice standing, doing squats and improving the speed and efficiency of this critical skill.

Taking Steps

With severe injuries and long periods of immobility associated with neurologic conditions, stepping may not develop spontaneously. The NeuroGym ‘Enablers of Movement’create a supported, weight-reduced environment where stepping (in all directions) can be effectively re-learned.


Improving Hand and Arm Control and Coordination

  • Active assisted movement of the shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand
  • Intense, sophisticated biofeedback that can provide the desired training
  • Engaging and intense application of movement to enhance skills


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