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Dedicated to the Treatment of Movement Disorders


Bungee Mobility Trainer


The NeuroGym® Bungee Mobility Trainer is a versatile body weight support mechanism enabling safe, intensive motor retraining. The unique patented design enables the re-training of gait and natural protective reactions by counteracting loss of stability as naturally as possible. Comparable to a pool environment in terms of support, the Bungee Mobility Trainer allows graduated weight bearing while normal protective reactions such as sidestepping are redeveloped.

The Bungee Mobility Trainer provides graduated support from underneath, rather than a harness mechanism that provides the support from above. Supporting the patient from above does not allow this 'natural' graduated support, particularly upon loss of balance. The Bungee Mobility Trainer enables more realistic safe practice of gait, and most importantly, the protective reactions necessary to prevent falls.

Bungee cords provide safe and graduated support, while the seat follows the body around two different axes, allowing natural movement. The base of the walker can be widened to enable mobility in all directions. High forearm supports can be added for users with weak trunk and upper extremities (e.g. in quadri-paresis).


Key Benefits


1. Enhance reacquisition of motor abilities


Early mobilization of patients is often limited by the lack of a safe, effective way to initiate gait training. The Bungee Mobility Trainer permits graduated weight bearing and provides the safety and mobility necessary to retrain protective reactions like sidestepping and one leg stance.


2. Improve Balance


Static and dynamic stability can be retrained because of the graduated body weight support mechanism which enables the client to increase the amount of weight bearing as their strength, stamina and mobility improve. The rolling wheels allow for movement in any direction, enabling a patient to improve lateral, forward and backward mobility - crucial abilities for redeveloping the protective and corrective reactions necessary for safe ambulation.


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